Thursday, November 09, 2006

StreetScene Gets the Job Done

A characteristic problem emailed to the three Haughton West ward councillors yesterday concerned Springfield Playing Field - the absence of football pitch markings meant that the Springfield team who play there, in the Northern Echo League, could be in real problems. Their next home fixture is on Saturday.

Fortunately, officers from StreetScene responded immediately, apologising for the oversight. The pitch markings will be in place for the next game.

On the subject of the playing field, we have been chasing the installation of CCTV, which has been dogged by legal problems (see Springfield Park CCTV on September 26). The latest update is that the wrangles should be resolved and the camera up within three weeks.


Alan Macnab said...


I wondered when the CCTV camera was going to be installed. Any chance of it having a brother or a sister in Bensham Park?


Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Alan. As is often the case, when there are significant delays in a project, a lawyer is involved somewhere....

Whilst it was great getting a camera for the park, you will know just how horrendous anti-social behaviour here has been for several years now. I'm not downplaying difficulties in Bensham Park for a moment, but Springfield Park and Nightingale Avenue have two of the "hottest" spots as far as the Police are concerned anywhere in the town. Although you would expect me to say this, I think it was right that we were considered for one of the earliest cameras outside the town centre.

As far as Bensham Park is concerned, the good news is that your Labour Ward Councillors, together with our newly-selected candidate Mark Burton, are working hard on the problem of anti-social behaviour. Indeed Mark lives just round the corner, so he appreciates first hand the problems the community have. Watch this space!