Saturday, November 04, 2006

November's Ward Surgery

Busy Ward Surgery in ASDA this morning, together with fellow Haughton West councillors Dave Lyonette and Andy Scott. Tom Nutt from Haughton North and Chris McEwan from Haughton East were there too.

Issues included dropping-off points for taxi drivers in town; the ASDA planning application; cycling in Haughton; housing grants and CCTV in Springfield Park.

Holding our surgery in a supermarket foyer (we were amongst the first Labour Councillors in the country to so so) has proved a great success - plenty of people just pop over for a chat, even if they don't have a complaint. I'm now in the process of getting emails fired off to the relevant Town Hall officers to address the problems.


ian holme said...

mmmmm, "plenty of people pop over for a chat" eh? with councillors Lyonette and Nutt?

Not if you go to discuss a "town wide issue" like education they dont!
They turn their back and refuse to engage with families concerned only with their childrens education.

I have frequently crossed swords with Chris McEwan and your goodself. Whilst often disagreeing very strongly we have always held a decent debate. Unlike your aforementioned colleagues, whose shameful behaviour I found frankly digusting in front of many young children.
Go on Nick, print that if you dare!

Ian Holme

Darlington Councillor said...

I'll print most stuff, Ian, if people have the decency to put their names to their comments, as you always do.

I will say only two things about your observations;

(1) I've known David for nearly 20 years, in which time he's been a tireless campaigner for residents not only in our ward, but also in opposition-held wards when those councillors let people down. Tom is newer on the scene, but he too is building up a formidable reputation as an effective caseworker.

(2) I don't need to tell you how highly-charged the Hurworth/Eastbourne debate was - not only for the parents in Hurworth. When we were lobbied at a number of ward surgeries, Chris and I tried to engage and listen to the points which were made. At the same time, other local residents were present who needed to be attended to. It's not for me to explain the actions of my colleagues - they can speak for themselves - but I'm sure that no discourtesy was intended.

ian holme said...

Take it from me Nick, no other constituents were there, and I can assure you that EVERY discourtesy was fully intended!


Darlington Councillor said...

I think I've gone about as far as I can with this thread, Ian - all I can say is that residents of Haughton West and Haughton North can come to ward surgeries or approach their ward councillors in the knowledge that they will receive a full and synpathetic hearing.