Monday, November 13, 2006


Useful coverage in this morning's Northern Echo following my attack on the Tories' reckless free car parking pledge last week.

If followed through, an incoming Conservative administration next May would have to jack up Council Tax by a full 8%, or make £2.4 million of service cuts straightaway.

As importantly, it would destroy all of the work to make using buses attractive in Darlington. Many people choose to use a bus to get into town, and if they felt they would be better off using the car, we could see a mass switch from bus to car without a single extra visitor to the town centre. Think what that would do to congestion.

Time for a new poll (bottom right-hand side of site), and with lots of "motormouth" new opposition candidates trying to please the electorate out there at the moment, a chance to vote for the Party you think will make the most reckless spending commitments before next May.

I fear that the Tories already have an unassailable lead, given Cllr. Johnson's £2.4 million pledge on free car parking today. The Cartwrights, Tory candidates in Harrowgate Hill, have also been demanding that the Council cough up what I estimate to be £1.25 million for a youth club on North Road (and those are the capital costs alone). So that makes a grand total of £3.65 million and we're still 6 months away from the elections!

If you see any pledges in any parties' leaflets, please email me I'll keep the running totals updated.

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