Thursday, November 16, 2006

Early Bird

Up first thing on Wednesday for a live Radio Cleveland interview regarding the Pedestrian Heart project. The interview was preceded by a 'vox pop' on High Row - one elderly person was very complimentary about the new benches and the look of the steps, another less so. Matthew Davies commented posititively about the look of the scheme during his questions.

From my observations, people are taking stock of the newly-unveiled steps, and then looking afresh at the artist's impression of the finished work on the billboards. It's just my gut feel, but ot seems like the new layout and street furniture is impressing. With the switching-on of the Christmas lights on Sunday, the town centre is really beginning to perk up.


Mike said...

I stopped on my way through the Town Centre yesterday and I have to say that the Blackwellgate end of High Row is looking really good. It's now possible to get a really good feel for how the Twon Centre will look when the pedestrianisation works are complete.

I look forward to riding my bike through the traffic-free centre for a coffee at a pavement café.

Darlington Councillor said...

I'll be happy to join you Mike on my bike!

Mike said...

A ridearound with us might be useful, so that you can see our perspective on some of the facilities. We could finish with coffee somewhere in the Pedestrian Heart.

Perhaps in the New Year?

Darlington Councillor said...

Good idea Mike. Frighteningly, my January diary is already filling up, so get back to me with some dates that suit the campaign, and I'll be happy to come along.

Mike said...

Will do!