Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just after 10am Tuesday, local LibDem Secretary Mike Barker let slip here that Pierremont was one of his parties' key targets in the forthcoming May poll. There were no details on the LibDems' local website of any activity in the ward by the party, however.

At 10pm I pointed out that no-one had seen a LibDem leaflet in the ward since 2003, and questioned the legitimacy of claims that the LibDems had taken any interest at all in the ward over the last 4 years. (See comments under 'Scraping the Barrel'). Pierremont has three excellent Labour Councillors Steve Harker, Patrick Heaney and Marian Swift, who have worked and leafletted hard since they were elected.

Miraculously, the LibDems' website is now giving out the names of their candidates for next May, and stating that unfortunate residents can expect another tedious 'Focus Survey' that we've seen elsewhere in the town where LibDems try to pretend they are campaigning "all year round".

Somehow, I don't think that local residents will be that easily fooled.

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