Friday, November 17, 2006

Bike Darlington

Very useful meeting this afternoon with members of the Darlington Cycling Campaign, together with officers. I'm not going to steal their thunder by reporting the discussion in detail - no doubt they can report back at an appropriate time via their Bike Darlington website. I try to meet regularly with groups which take a keen interest in transport in the town, to listen to their comments and concerns.

We're about to enter an exciting time for cycling in Darlington over the next few weeks as a raft of schemes leave the drawing board and are constructed on the ground. Getting safe routes around and across the ring-road will be particularly important at Russell Street and Victoria Road. Our statistics have already shown a big increase in cycling take-up over the past twelve months - with these new links I'm sure that using the bike will become even more popular.

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Mike said...

Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us. I think Richard's travelling today, but we'll get something on our site ASAP.