Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ashleigh Trevarrow - MYP's Blog

Ashleigh is Darlington Member of Youth Parliament. She's just started up her own blog here.

All too often, it is adults who impose their solutions on young people regarding youth services. In contrast, Ashleigh intends to update her blog regularly with information about what she is doing for young people in the town as well as her involvement in regional and national events. She will be commenting on issues relevant to young people and asking people who log on to e-mail their views on everything from youth activities and transport to education and health. As well as e-mailing comments to the blog, young people will be able to use the TextVibe service to have their say.

It's worth checking out.


Mike said...

(You've got an extra http:// at the start of the link, which is breaking it.)

Good to see that our YMP is blogging and letting people in the town know what she's up to. However, I wonder if the format of the blog was decided by Ashleigh or imposed upon her? Making use of some existing service, like MySpace, would have been a fantastic way to connect with the 'youth' of the town.

If Ashleigh (or any other local politicians) would like advice on web-related communication, my email inbox is always open :)

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Mike.

I'm not sure how the blog came about, but the Town Hall isn't in a position to impose anything on Ashleigh. It is a problem that internet IT associated with the Council can be cumbersome and not always very interactive - this is a general difficulty that local government seems to be having as it struggles to keep up with technology developing at break-neck speed.

I'll pass your comments on - it would appear that Ashleigh's site is interactive, although only by young people who have signed up to TextVibe. It'll be interesting to see how that works out.

Mike said...

Making it interactive only to people who have signed up to TextVibe is probably a good thing (it will get rid of a lot of potential spam), though it is a barrier to interaction.

Using MySpace would have enabled Ashleigh to interact with existing social networks on that site, which would have been interesting. There's nothing to stop her having both though.