Thursday, November 16, 2006

ASDA's Petrol Station Scheme Thrown Out

Good news from Planning Committee this afternoon, where ASDA's proposal to re-site its petrol station at its Whinfield store from the south east corner of the car park to the north west was thrown out.

Objections came from local residents, and from Whinfield Primary School. The proposal would have adversely affected children attempting to get to school across the northern section of ASDA's car park, which would have become the sole entry and egress point for store traffic.

Particular congratulations should go to Cllrs. Tom Nutt and Veronica Copeland, who worked hard with residents to demonstrate why the scheme was unacceptable. I'm delighted with the decision.


Mike said...

Great news!

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Mike - although there may be an appeal.

Fundamentally, the plans for the site were done by an architect in Leeds who had no knowledge of the complexities of the site. I was very disappointed that ASDA didn't consult with the local community - fortunately the ward councillors were able to marshall opinion.