Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monkey for Haughton West?

Was I the only person baffled by George Jenkinson's comments in the Echo this morning?

George has been selected to stand for the Tories in Haughton West, apparently against me. It seems to have escaped the Tories' notice that there are in fact three councillors for the ward, myself, David Lyonette and Andy Scott. Maybe they can pressgang two more unfortunates before next May.

Warming to his theme, George felt able to say,"No-one really challenged the ward last time." That may come as a surprise to his two erstwhile Tory colleagues Leslie Smith and Terence Wilkinson who as I recall ran a strong campaign in 2003. They were joined by independent Carol Lambird and the BNP's Nigel Nevison, so there was hardly a lack of choice for voters.

George finished off by stating, "If a monkey can win in Hartlepool, why can't a monkey win in Darlington?" Good point, George, but actually the winning Mayoral candidate in Hartlepool was a man in a monkey suit. Or maybe George is saying he has simian characteristics himself? I can understand how opposable thumbs would be useful when driving a taxi, but a prehensile tail...?

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