Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Springfield Park CCTV

Just because I'm at Conference doesn't mean that the ward work can get

Together with ward colleague Andy Scott (who's also here) I've been chasing
the installation of CCTV in Springfield Park. The area has been plagued
with Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) for years. Residents living on Whinfield
Park and the Moray/Muirkirk estate suffered, and we have worked closely with
the Police and the Council Wardens to try and tackle the problem. Everyone
was delighted in June when it was announced our campaign had paid off, and
CCTV was to be installed. A pole was erected in preparation for the camera.

That was as far as things got. The Council's cameras are now digital - this
means that the pictures are better in the control room. To beam back from
Springfield Park however, a relay had to be installed on the only suitable
tall building in the area - Northgate House. Unfortunately, the building's
owners seemed to drag their feet and wouldn't respond to the request.
Deadlock on a key scheme to tackle yobbery in Haughton.

The good news is that it would seem a draft agreement has now been signed.
Council rules mean that the agreement has to be considered by Cabinet in
October. At least the end is now in sight, and local residents will be able
to sleep easier when the camera is finally put in place.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, CCTV is going to be good, because all the hooligans, yobs and criminals have given up their crimes and misdemeanors since the UK became the world leader in CCTV, haven't they?

Nick, stop posting PR. You are employed to serve the public first and foremost, your DBC loyalty and your party loyalty should be secondary and tertiary at best. If you dispute this, check the wording of the DBC Constitution.

After you've done that, read the various studies of CCTV. You'll find that it's not anywhere near as effective as the hope you raise for it, and in some cases it's not effective at all.

It's good for Big Brother abuse of power though (Big Brother as in Orwell's '1984', not Channel 4...), and it softens up the public to accept other State intrusion such as the National Identity Register (fronted/figleaved by ID cards), which is just another one of your party's ineffective-for-crime-but-great-for-wasting-money harebrained schemes.

Darlington Councillor said...

Firstly, anonymous, this is my blog and I'll post what I want. I've made it clear that I would like this site to give residents in Haughton West and beyond a better idea of my work as their councillor and also my Cabinet tasks. I'll also include updates on my role as a member of Labour's National Policy Forum, because I think policy-making should be done in the open, and should engage with as many members of the public as possible. Only that way can political parties stay relevant to the public.

Secondly, I'm not sure anyone on the two estates would agree with you about CCTV. You're wrong to suggest that CCTV is ineffective - just look at the experience in Darlington. Before we undertook the wholesale upgarding of the town's car parks, which included better lighting and CCTV, they were crime-ridden. Now there is barely a crime in any of them from one month to the next, including at night time. Are you seriously suggesting that CCTV isn't the chief reason for the change?