Monday, September 25, 2006

Gordon's Speech

Posting this from the punningly entitled "Is there anyting new left in New
Labour?" fringe meeting.

I thought Gordon's speech was very different from previous years -
refreshingly so. In the past listening to Gordon has been akin to running
with the bulls in Pamplona - whilst riding the lead bull! They've been
barnstorming efforts with stacks of statistics which took no prisoners, but
hardly made him appear a warm or approachable political figure. They were
qualities which made him however a very successful Chancellor.

Today we saw a more informal, more human Gordon Brown. Fewer stats and less
bombast. A recognition at the outset that he had made mistakes for which he
was sorry (although he couldn't resist implicating TB too).

He was received with a huge outpouring of support from delegates. It would
appear that the plotting to overthrow the PM in which a number of his
supporters were implicated, has been forgotten, at least for the time being.
Gordon looked and sounded like true Prime Ministerial material. I remain of
the view that he will be the next Labour Party leader, and that it is in the
best interests on the Party that he is elected overwhelmingly.

Only then can some of the dissident Labour MP's in Parliament be isolated
and dealt with. It's their self-indulgent antics which began to perpetuate
the idea that Labour is a divided party.


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